About Ludivine

In 2010, the area around 7th Street and Hudson Avenue in Oklahoma City was slowly becoming known to locals as the Midtown District. It was the beginning of a period of exciting and dramatic transformation in the city’s urban core.

That fall, Chef Russ Johnson opened a small, unpretentious restaurant, serving exceptional food and drinks in a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. From the very beginning, he committed Ludivine to the practice of real, scratch cooking, based on classical techniques, with a menu that changes daily. Over the years, the relationships he has formed with local farms and ranches equally dedicated to ecologically sustainable practices have ensured that the kitchen is always stocked with a wide variety of the finest seasonal produce and high-quality meats and seafood available.

In the years since, Ludivine has earned a reputation as one of the crown jewels of the Oklahoma culinary community. The restaurant has been spotlighted by the likes of Saveur magazine and Redbook, while Chef Russ has been named on the 2012 People’s Best New Chef list for Food & Wine magazine, as well as a Best Chef for Best Chefs America. Likewise, the bar team of Chris Barrett and Colby Poulin have been recognized by many cocktail sites and magazines for their contributions to the craft.

These days, Johnson can often be seen from the main dining room, over the chef’s bar countertop – most likely donning his signature black t-shirt and boasting a hearty laugh while perfecting some of the city’s most celebrated dishes. He and the front of house and culinary teams keep Oklahoma City on its toes with exemplary service and an ever-changing menu that reflects unique, seasonal, and premium cuts, catches and crops.

The Bar at Ludivine awaits guests who enter from 7th Street entrance. Whether ordering a classic cocktail, or enjoying the incredibly creative themed menus, patrons will find themselves just as much part of the process as the bartenders, discussing flavor preferences or discovering new ones, while fresh herb, unique tinctures, and hand-made syrups are shaken, stirred and mixed to perfection.

Ludivine has become a truly special dining experience for Oklahoma City. Join us for dinner, and rest assured that you’ll be served an unforgettable meal, prepared with love by a team that is elevating the state’s culinary scene – one daily menu at a time.