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Dinner at Grassroots Farms

October 25, 2019 06:00 PM until October 25, 2019 08:00 PM

Ludivine has been invited to provide a four course meal in a beautiful, outdoor setting at Grassroots Farms outside of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  Grassroots Farms was started with an idea to refurbish the thrown out vintage pieces that were torn, tattered, broken, and under appreciated. They give them love, take into consideration the story behind them, and make them beautiful and functional again.  They believe in the farmhouse concept; the idea of intimate gatherings, simplicity, and mindfulness. The farmhouse represents an authentic family lifestyle, a well loved place, and an honest living. These values are why Ludivine has accepted Grassroots' invitation, and why we're so excited to offer this unique experience.  We endeavor that these values will be present in every part of your experience; every dish, every sip of wine, every kind word, and every smile.  The gate will be open at five o'clock, to be followed by dinner at six. Ludivine and Grassroots Farms welcome you, your family and your friends with open arms.

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