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Chef Russ' Spice Mix (4 oz)


This is our proprietary blend of herbs and spices, and it is the best and most versatile we’ve ever encountered.  It finds its way into virtually EVERY savory application at both of our restaurants.   Our unique blend is truly all-purpose and may be substituted for pepper in any “salt & pepper” application, as pepper is a main ingredient. AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES, a 1 pint custom refillable crock from Ohio Stoneware Company, or a 4 ounce jar. Use a dash in a soup or a sauce, or generously rub on steaks, chops,  poultry, fish and shellfish for that perfect sear or one-of-a-kind crust. Use it to give extra depth to a braise or sprinkle on roasting vegetables. However you use it, we hope you enjoy having a little bit of our kitchen in yours.


-Russ Johnson

Chef | Owner, Ludivine

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